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‘Quarantine’ Camps in Australia; COVID Policy, Media Causing Feelings of Hopeless, Division, Social Isolation—Feat. Lee Smith

“Imagine that phrase: a woman in a camp in Australia is being detained. That, in itself, tells you where you are,” says investigative journalist Lee Smith, commenting on the alleged detention of a woman in Darwin, Australia in a so-called quarantine facility, without a positive COVID-19 result.

In this episode, I’m joined by Lee Smith, who writes for both The Epoch Times and Tablet, to look at why COVID-19 policy and media have us feeling often hopeless, divided, and socially isolated.

In Darwin, Hayley Hodgson’s license plate was tracked via video surveillance after visiting a friend, diagnosed with COVID-19. She was subsequently detained for two weeks in a quarantine camp.

At this point, you can’t help but question whether certain so-called safety measures are really about public health.

Alongside what government, media, and corporations are doing, how have we added to our social isolation, and how do we reverse the trend?


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