Parkland Student Slammed Over Raised-Fist Salute at End of Speech

March 25, 2018 Updated: March 25, 2018

David Hogg, the controversial Parkland High School student who has been whipping up a storm on behalf of the anti-gun lobby since the Parkland school massacre, drew more controversy Saturday after he made an odd salute at the end of his speech.

“Thank you. I love you all. God bless all of you and God bless America. We can and we will change the world,” he said in Washington before pointedly throwing his fist in the air.

Some likened it to a Nazi salute, while others claimed it was communist.

Kyle Kashuv, another Parkland High student present during the shooting, but who doesn’t advocate for gun control, asked followers to caption the photo.

“First it was armbands, now it’s salutes. #MarchForOurLives seems dedicated to reviving the totalitarianism that brought so much bloodshed last century. The demonization of groups in society, calls for violence, etc This is why Americans own guns,” one person said on Twitter. “Raised fist is a Communist gesture,” one person noted.

“Not a good look. Gonna be a meme fest with this,” another added.


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