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Panel Discussion: Should We Change How the President Is Elected?

NTD host Paul Greaney will moderate a discussion panel on: “To Electoral or Not to Electoral: Should We Make Structural Changes to the Federal Election Process?” at the FreedomFest on July 14, 6:10 p.m. ET. EpochTV will livestream the event on this page.

Nowadays the vast majority of states use a state-wide general election to decide which presidential candidate should get all the states electoral college votes.

This means that someone can become president without winning the popular vote i.e without getting the most votes nationwide, e.g. Trump 2016 or Bush 2000.

At least one group says this is not a just way to choose a president. National Popular Vote is actively persuading states to choose their electors based on who wins the national popular vote not the state’s own general election. Fifteen states and Washington, D.C., have already signed on—that’s 70 percent of the 270 votes needed to give the compact legal force. So this is very real.

Save our States says the National Popular Vote movement is dangerous and could lead to a constitutional crisis.

This year, EpochTV is proud to partner with FreedomFest and Anthem Films by streaming all their featured titles right here on EpochTV from July 13–16.

The Anthem Film Festival is part of FreedomFest, “the world’s largest gathering of free minds,” where they are bringing four full days of hard-hitting, controversial films—films that would definitely not be approved by President Joe Biden’s new “Ministry of Disinformation” and films that have even been banned on some platforms!

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