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NTD News Today (March 23): 12,000 Cases Dismissed Due to St. Louis Prosecutor: Missouri AG; TikTok Data Concerns: Analysis

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey continues trying to remove the top prosecutor in St. Louis. The AG says the Soros-funded prosecutor is not enforcing the law, resulting in over 10,000 cases being dismissed.

With TikTok’s CEO, Shou Zi Chew, testifying before Congress, a central issue is whether the Chinese Communist Party has access to user data on phones with this app. A cybersecurity expert weighs in.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has introduced a constitutional amendment to ensure the number of Supreme Court justices remains at nine.

Topics in this episode include:

1. Senators Grill Norfolk CEO, Push Safety Law
2. Sen. Kennedy Trips Up Bench Nominees
3. 12K Criminal Cases Dismissed Due to St. Louis Prosecutor’s Inaction: Missouri AG
4. Top TikTok Concern: CCP Has Data Access
5. Aide: TikTok Surveils Everything and Everyone
6. Claim: Banning TikTok Destroys Free Internet
7. Sen. Cruz Amendment Would Block Court Packing
8. Trump Provides ‘Totally Exculpatory’ Evidence
9. Arizona Supreme Court Hands Kari Lake a Win
10. ‘This Is Not a Credit Crisis’: Citigroup CEO
11. Hedge Fund CEO Expects More Banks to Collapse
12. SEC Sues Entrepreneur and 8 Celebrities
13. WH to Disband COVID Response Team in May
14. Florida Might Expand Rules on Sexual Content in Classrooms
15. Tennessee Blocks Local Gas Stove Bans
16. Man Accused Killing Bishop Pleads Not Guilty
17. Police Rescue Man Threatening High-Rise Jump
18. Antony Blinken Defends $63B Budget Request
19. U.S. Lays Out New Rules to Limit China’s Chip Access
20. Chinese State Company Wins Solomon Islands Infrastructure Bid
21. Credit Suisse Takeover Deal Effects
22. Londoners Weigh In on Boris Johnson
23. UK Inflation Shoots Up Unexpectedly in Feb
24. Cocaine Use Increasing in Europe: Study
25. Barcelona Increases Solar Power Production
26. Burrowing Badgers Halt Trains: Netherlands
27. Russia, Belarus Athletes in 2024 Olympics
28. Ukraine Trying to Evict Church Accused of Russia Links
29. Ukrainian Ballerina Finds Refuge in Budapest
30. St. Petersburg Ballet Exhibition on Pointe
31. Shen Yun’s ‘Faithfulness, Bravery, Fortitude’ Inspires Military Audience Members in CO
32. Researchers Find Clues in Beethoven’s DNA
33. Earliest Hebrew Bible on Display in Israel
34. Zebra Recaptured After Escape at S. Korea Zoo

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