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NTD Business (March 17): Banks Borrow Billions to Maintain Liquidity; Macron Raises Retirement Age in France

Banks’ emergency borrowing from the Fed hits a new record high, as they try to shore up their liquidity. Should you be worried?

French President Emmanuel Macron bypasses Parliament to raise his nation’s retirement age—causing millions to protest and putting his own career at risk.

Factually correct stories are allegedly being censored. New Twitter Files show an organization pushed to censor stories about COVID-19 and vaccineseven though they knew the stories were true.

Another social media company restores former President Donald Trump’s account in the runup to the 2024 election.

The parent company of Silicon Valley Bank files for bankruptcy in the wake of the bank’s collapse.

The Federal Communications Commission cracks down on spammy text messages with new rules for telecom companies.

Another drugmaker drastically cuts its price for insulin.

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