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New Twitter Files Email: State Department Official Pushed for Suspension of Russiagate Researchers | Truth Over News

The Twitter Files have finally reached the world of Russiagate researchers. Late on Saturday, Elon Musk’s designated Twitter Files journalist Matt Taibbi unearthed an email from a State Department official to Twitter in which the official demanded that 14 Russiagate research accounts be taken down.

The official claimed that these accounts were Russian disinformation assets, but that was a lie. We happen to know a number of these 14 people personally and they are everyday Americans who simply shared their views online—in this particular case their views on the Russiagate scam that was perpetrated by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the federal government.

But it gets worse. The state department official who demanded that the accounts be taken down is himself implicated in promoting the Russiagate hoax.

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