Naked, Bleeding Woman Runs Into Convenience Store After Alleged Attack by Husband

May 20, 2019 Updated: September 6, 2019

A naked and injured woman, covered in blood, ran into a convenience store, begging for help after being allegedly beaten by her husband. Police later detained him, according to Chinese state-run television news Metropolis Channel.

The woman, surnamed Huang, did not explain why she was without clothes, but was later given something to wear by two store employees in the early morning hours on May 15.

The local police detained the uncooperative husband, surnamed Liao, after removing him from the family’s house in Shenzhen City, Guandong Province, China.

One store employee said he suspected the husband was drunk. All images of the woman in the report were censored.

Naked and Beaten

One of the store employees told the Metropolis Channel that she heard the woman screaming from outside that night. “I heard someone call out, ‘call the police, save me!’ so I looked outside,” the unidentified female worker said.

“One of the customers hadn’t even left, and the woman ran inside, wearing nothing.”

Huang came into the convenience store after 4:00 a.m. on May 15. Security footage shows her fully naked, covering herself with her hands and appearing to have blood coming down her head.

“She was seriously hurt. There was blood everywhere, on her head, on her feet,” the woman told the Metropolis Channel.

The footage shows a customer at the cash register who avoided looking at Huang. After the male employee finished assisting the customer, he gets what appears to be towels for the woman.

“When she came in, she said her daughter was going to be beaten, and needed us to call the police,” the unidentified male employee told the Metropolis Channel.

Huang was allegedly attacked by her husband, the report said.

“She has a kid who was about one- or two-years-old,” the female employee told the Metropolis Channel.

After the store employees called the police, Huang went to sit outside.

“I got some pajamas for her to put on,” the female employee told the Metropolis Channel. “If you run into something like this, you definitely will help them out, right?”

The police then arrive. Security footage shows the police holding the woman’s daughter, and her husband. However, in the blurry footage, the husband Liao is laying on the ground while the police stand by, looking at him writhe about.

“He was probably drunk,” the male employee told the Metropolis Channel.

Liao was detained, and an investigation was opened.