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Judge Says Halper Made Misstatements to the FBI About General Flynn | Truth Over News

On July 15, federal court judge Leonie Brinkema denied Stefan Halper’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit that had been brought against him by Svetlana Lokhova. In her lawsuit, Lokhova claimed that Halper had “defamed and disparaged” Lokhova to the publishers of her forthcoming book and had falsely accused her of “knowingly publishing” statements that were “false.” Lokhova claimed that Halper’s accusations were not only untrue, but they were also designed to prevent the forthcoming publication of her book, “The Spider: Stefan A. Halper and the Dark Web of a Coup.”

But it wasn’t the denial of Halper’s motion that’s been making waves in SpyGate circles; it’s comments made by the judge about Halper’s interactions with the FBI. On July 20, it was reported that Judge Brinkema stated that Halper “may have made clear misstatements to the FBI” and may be responsible for “some falsehoods” about Michael Flynn and Lokhova.

“There are now a fair number of documentations that do, in fact, link your client to being this source, and more specific information that the description about the meeting in England with Mr. Flynn that this witness that Mr. Halper was, in fact, not present and therefore may have made clear misstatements to the FBI,” the court noted. At the early stage of the court proceedings, there “would seem to be enough to suggest that there may, in fact, be some falsehoods going on here on your client’s behalf,” Brinkema said to Halper’s attorney. These falsehoods from Halper extend beyond Lokhova—reaching to former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page and General Michael Flynn.

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