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Facts Matter (March 16): Election Official Charged With Ballot Tampering and Misconduct in 2020 Election

With the midterm elections coming up soon, I’d like to highlight several developments related to election integrity.

To start with, an elections official in the state of Michigan was recently charged with a felony count of illegally tampering with ballots during the primary election in 2020.

Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, it appears that the city of Milwaukee might be defying a direct order from the state Supreme Court. Despite the fact that the Supreme Court ordered that no drop boxes be used during the April primaries, it appears that the executive director for elections in Milwaukee is setting them up anyway.

Lastly, while I was in Florida, I took the unique opportunity to sit down and speak with Doug Collins—a former congressman who used to sit on the House Judiciary Committee—and we discussed a broad range of topics including, from his insider’s perspective, what’s happening with the Durham investigation.

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