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Durham Is Jeopardizing the Case Against Steele Source Danchenko by Refusing to Hold FBI Accountable | Truth Over News

Preparations for the October trial of Igor Danchenko—former British spy Christopher Steele’s fake dossier source—are starting to take shape with special counsel John Durham having just asked a federal court to issue 30 subpoenas.

It is not known who the subpoenas are for but the fact that they are being requested means that the trial will likely go ahead and that there won’t be any last-minute deals.

Danchenko’s situation seemed bleak as Durham had him dead to rights on a number of lies Danchenko told the FBI. But the recent acquittal of Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann—also for lying to the FBI—may have given Danchenko a lifeline.

Durham has let a long list of deadlines for charging FBI officials pass without taking any action. And Durham’s strategy in the Sussmann case to paint the FBI as a victim backfired very badly. If he does it again, Danchenko may well go scot-free. The alternative is to put the FBI itself on trial. But is Durham willing to do that?

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