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The Epic Journey

Join hosts Tim Chey and Annie Sims as they hit 27 countries in search of people who found God in impossible situations. Submitted to the Guinness World Records for most countries filmed. The film took 3 years to produce.

From the Yakuza gang-member in Tokyo to the Terrorist bomber in Norway – see how they all found redemption in Christ in the end. The film has a current rating of 9.2 on IMDB. Tim Chey: “You will feel like you traveled around the entire world when you finish the movie.”

IMDB Reviews:
“Once in a lifetime film….”
“Changed my life…”
“Riveting, chilling….absolutely incredible”
“Very beautiful, daring masterpiece….”
“In times of world-wide despair, there is hope”

A film by Timothy A. Chey

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