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Kash’s Corner: Sussmann Case Exposed Sweeping Evidence of Abuse; Durham Should Bring Future Cases Outside of DC

The acquittal of ex-Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann was “a straight-up case of jury nullification … which basically says we don’t care what the facts are, we’re going to find you not guilty anyway,” argues Kash Patel. The jury’s short deliberation time means “they didn’t really look at the evidence.”

For future cases, Patel argues that special counsel John Durham should try to bring them outside of Washington. There are “creative ways to have lawful jurisdiction if you want to do it,” he says.

What’s next for John Durham? Will tech executive Rodney Joffe be indicted next?

Evidence has also emerged that Rodney Joffe had circumvented his FBI handler, that the FBI had set up and maintained a secure vault at the Perkins Coie office, and that Michael Sussmann had a badge giving him access to FBI headquarters. What’s really going on?

We discuss all this and more in this episode of Kash’s Corner.

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