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Facts Matter (March 26): New Law Requires Ballot Printers to Produce Paper Backup of All Voting Machines by 2024

Since the midterms are coming up so soon, let’s focus our discussion on the integrity of America’s elections. Specifically, in Indiana, the governor has just signed a new bill into law, which will require that all counties in the state must have a trail of paper ballots—meaning, that they must have a paper backup for all of their electronic voting machines. And this means that about half of the counties will need to purchase something known as a voting machine printer, which critics say introduces a slew of new problems in its own right.

Meanwhile, while I was in Florida, I took the opportunity to sit down and speak with Congressman Barry Loudermilk, and we discussed the danger of H.R. 1—which is the law currently being pushed in Congress to nationalize America’s elections.

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