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Facts Matter (Jan. 6): Omicron Spreads Faster Than Delta Within ‘Fully Vaccinated and Boosted’ Individuals: New Study

Researchers in Denmark recently published a pre-print study that found that the Omicron variant spreads faster than the Delta variant within vaccinated people—specifically when you compare them to unvaccinated people.

Meanwhile, in Minnesota, the Mayo Clinic has just fired over 700 of its unvaccinated employees. This came on the heels of the Biden administration reimposing their vaccine mandate on health care workers.

However, that might not last because right now, there is a case in front of the Supreme Court arguing that this vaccine mandate is illegal and that it’s beyond the scope of what the government can do.

So in order to get an inside look at this lawsuit, we had the opportunity to speak with Attorney General of Louisiana Jeff Landry. On Thursday, he’ll be delivering oral arguments in front of the Supreme Court. But in this episode, he’ll be giving us a preview of what those arguments are.


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