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Facts Matter (Feb. 9): Pfizer Quietly Adds Warning That ‘Unfavorable Pre-Clinical, Clinical, or Safety Data’ May Impact Business

As we get closer and closer to the day that the FDA has to release its first batch of 55,000 pages of clinical trial documents, it looks like Pfizer is bracing for impact.

That’s because it was just revealed that Pfizer updated its fourth-quarter investor report—the section on potential risks to their business.

Specifically, they added that in the near future, information regarding the quality of pre-clinical, clinical, or safety data that might be released by an audit or inspection might be a threat to their business.

Meanwhile, while I was in Texas, I took the opportunity to sit down and speak with Jim Lamon, the founder of an America-first renewable energy company, and we discussed the way forward for American energy independence.


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