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Facts Matter (March 10): 10,000 Uncounted Ballots Found in County, Top Election Official Resigns; New Bill Proposed

In Texas, officials announced that they’ve discovered about 10,000 uncounted ballots from last week’s primary election. This is similar to what happened over in New York City just last year (as well as what was just reported in Canada last month). However, there is a measure working its way through the House of Representatives that might address this problem.

Meanwhile, while I was in Florida, I took the unique opportunity to sit down and speak with Congressman Ralph Norman, and we discussed the balancing act that America has found itself in: how do we be punitive toward Putin’s government without pushing Russia closer into China’s orbit, while at the same time dealing with the skyrocketing national debt that—if you include unfunded liabilities—sits close to $150 trillion.


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