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Master Class with Victor Rosenbaum

Piano Talks is a TV series hosted by celebrated pianist Janara Khassenova, the artistic adviser and jury member of NTD’s International Piano Competition.

Piano Talks presents an intimate experience with classical music while offering insights into the greatest composers alongside exclusive repertoires from NTD’s International Piano Competition. Its mission is to promote traditional arts of pure authenticity, goodness, and beauty with piano masterpieces from the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic periods.

We would like to share with you our new Piano Talks episode: Master Class with Victor Rosenbaum.

Late Beethoven is unique and groundbreaking, and Victor Rosenbaum explicates on Beethoven’s Sonata No.31 in A-flat Major, one of his last sonatas. “Our inner struggle, our inner striving and that voice is moving up one half step.That’s the smallest interval that exists in piano. And in music as in life, sometimes the smallest step is the most difficult.”

Repertoires: Beethoven Sonata No.31 in A-flat Major.

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