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Mass Protests at COVID-19 Test Kit Factory in China

Thousands of protesters are clashing with police in a COVID-19 test kit plant in China—with boxes and stools flying. But what are they fighting for?

China is reopening its borders, allowing people to go abroad while infections surge at home. We have an update on how countries are reacting.

Funeral homes grapple with overcrowding. A funeral home worker is appealing to the public for understanding.

A Chinese tracking device was found in a car belonging to the UK government. We take a look at what British intelligence officials found.

China is launching another military drill around Taiwan. And on the heels of that drill, a group of German lawmakers touched down on the island.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Mass Protests at COVID-19 Test Kit Factory in China
  2. China’s Border Reopens Amid COVID-19 Surge
  3. Funeral Home Worker: We’re Working Around the Clock
  4. Chinese Tracking Device Found in UK Gov’t Vehicle
  5. Taiwan Condemns China for Latest Combat Drills
  6. Taiwan President Encourages Armed Forces
  7. German Delegation Visits Taiwan, Calls China’s Threat Toward Taiwan ‘Unacceptable’
  8. Tesla: Longer Delivery Time on Some China Models
  9. Chinese Consulate Official Joins NY New Years Event
  10. Gaffney: Role of CCP ‘Elite Capture’ in New Congress
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