Man Can’t Stand to See Homeless Dogs Dying on the Streets–So He Adopts 450 of Them

June 1, 2019 Updated: June 6, 2019

A kind soul living in Serbia couldn’t bear to see the horrifying plight of all the stray dogs that wandered the streets of his hometown. The suffering was unbearable. Dogs sentenced to street life would either die of starvation, disease, or loneliness, or else meet their fate at the hands of the dog catcher.

The dog sympathizer, whose name was Sasa Pejčić, was compelled into action by what he saw; and so he devised a plan to take in dogs, feed them, take care of them, and love them; and it soon took off beyond your wildest imagination.

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Pejčić had taken possession over a few old riding stables a few years back, and he decided to use them to shelter the dogs that he took in. Here, they would be able to run, sleep, eat, and play all day—truly a paradise for dogs that previously had no hope at all and were condemned to a life of misery.

He took in as many dogs as he could afford. Before he knew it, he had literally hundreds of dogs roaming his sanctuary—450 and counting, as per The Dodo.

Yet, taking care of and feeding so many dogs isn’t cheap at all. At $15 a head per month, that’s almost a $7,000 shopping bill—dog food doesn’t grow on trees!

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A charity was started in America in order to fund all of this, which will pay for food as well as for a small staff of helpers. The fund was dubbed “The Harmony Fund.” They rely mostly on donations to cover their food costs.

“Here they are loved and not expected to do anything other than to simply be dogs,” founder of the Harmony Fund Laura Simpson told The Dodo. “Many are adopted out internationally to good homes, and others will spend their remaining days at the sanctuary.”

Without Pejčić and his donors, these dogs would have had no hope, condemned to a life of pain. Now, they have a home, a caring human, and a whole pack of friends to play with.

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