Man Saves Cute Husky but Has to Give It Away After Bonding

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April 11, 2019 Updated: April 18, 2019

Maxx Powell loves huskies and he knows a lot about their behavior. While driving one day in February, Maxx notices a beautiful husky running through the streets and towards train tracks. Huskies are well known for traveling distances and Maxx’s first concern was her running towards a speeding train and getting hurt.

Even though his day is full of plans, Maxx pulls over and tries to engage with the beautiful husky. She doesn’t have a collar, but she’s friendly. The dog happily bonds with Maxx immediately, who knows this dog must have concerned owners somewhere.

Maxx delays his daily plans to take the dog to the clinic to see if she has a chip to be scanned. They barely make it in time, but unfortunately, the dog didn’t have a chip. Even though Maxx has fallen in love with the dog, he reaches out on Facebook to try and find the owners.

While Maxx and his family would love nothing more than to keep the rescue, he receives a response to his Facebook post from the owners of the missing dog and reluctantly returns their husky.

If it hadn’t been for the loving concern of a stranger, this beautiful husky may still be on the streets or worse, dead. Maxx Powell left all of his plans for the day to the side to rescue a dog that he wouldn’t even be able to keep, showing loving care that is sometimes hard to find in today’s society.

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