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Is China Becoming the World’s Loan Shark?; Twitter Lawyers to Question Elon Musk | NTD Business

The legal battle between Twitter and Elon Musk is heating up. Twitter lawyers will soon get the chance to question the world’s richest man.

Automaker Ford’s stock suffers its worst day in over a decade, as supply chain issues are set to take a big bite out of its profit.

A U.S. Treasury official takes aim at China’s loan practices. The country became the world’s largest creditor in 2017, surpassing the World Bank, IMF, and all Paris Club official creditors combined. We take an in-depth look.

A top executive at a vegan food company is charged with biting a man in a fight outside a college football game.

Many parents feel uncomfortable discussing finances with their young children for one reason or another, but experts say you should.

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