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‘I Feel Like This Is a Resurgence of Slavery’: NYC Vaccine-Mandate Protester

On Nov. 3, hundreds gathered by New York’s City Hall Park to protest vaccine mandates—federal, state, and local. This came as OSHA released details of the Biden administration’s sweeping vaccine mandate for private companies.

NYC firefighter Gary Debiase was part of the large gathering, which later crossed Brooklyn Bridge to Borough Park.

“I love this job, but if they’re going to force me to take a shot to stay, then I’m just going to put my paper in and retire. I mean, if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

The protesters were an ethnically diverse group of all ages and of people from varying walks of life. Local artist Michael Anthony described the culture of mandating vaccines as a regression to one of America’s darkest historical phases.

“I feel like this is a resurgence [of] slavery, under different names and under different guises. And it’s horrifying!”


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