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How New York Small Businesses Have Learned to Survive and Thrive Despite the Pandemic

Like most cities across the nation, small businesses in the Big Apple—those that haven’t been forced to close their doors—are still struggling amid the fallout from the pandemic.

The massive economic support by the federal government’s policies in 2020 greatly helped to lessen the blow, but we haven’t seen this level of unemployment since the Great Depression. New York’s unemployment is the highest in the country—second only to California. And in 2020, there were more people leaving New York because of the pandemic than any other state.

New Yorkers are known to be tough. They’ve been through tough times before. But these are uncertain times, and we know it’s going to take more than government handouts to keep up hope and keep business doors open.

This week, we found something pretty special in New York—a sample of amazing business owners truly determined to never give up.

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Meet the millionaire marathon-running accountant, Hareesha Boyagodage of HandB Premiere Accounting, who lives to serve others.

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Meet the Kosher Guru, Gabriel Boxer, whose idea to feed NY’s first responders during the pandemic grew into a successful community operation.

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Meet Nuno Sousa of NYC bar and restaurant, Upright x Leitao, who built a successful team and collaboration that allowed them to survive and thrive throughout the pandemic.

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Meet David Semerand of, about his inspiring findings that New Yorkers are giving back more than ever.

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