His Humble(ness): LeBron James

By Daniel He, Epoch Times
June 6, 2013 Updated: June 11, 2013

As the best player in the world right now, Lebron James is someone who has gone through scrutiny after scrutiny, but has still been able to prevail at the end.

We doubted him winning a ring in 2012, and he dispelled our doubts by winning the Finals against Oklahoma City.

What’s impressive is, after all his accomplishments, James is able to be humble about it.

“I’m not gonna take this win for granted, I’m definitely gonna savor this win tonight, this league is so hard to win, and it’s so hard to advance, that you can’t take these moments for granted,” said James during the post-game press conference after closing the series in Game 7 against the Pacers. “I’ll start to get back into the books, and get back into the film on a team [Spurs] that’s very good. Very disciplined, well coached, and they got a bunch of hall of famers.”

James grew up being great at basketball and football. In high school while playing wide receiver, he was a top prospect for the NFL. But at the end, his love for basketball has changed the game as we know it.

“I don’t play this game for my legacy. I play the game cause I love it and have fun playing it and I love the competitive side of it.” said James. “To see a dream become a reality, I’m just very blessed. Our team is blessed, and you know we just happy we can represent the eastern conference in the finals.”

Yet, he is also one that accepts that he can’t win every time. Instead, James uses his loss as fuel to do better.

“You’re not always gonna be on the successful side. And I’ve seen it twice, not being on the successful side. So, but to be able to just put myself in the position, to be able to play for one, I’m happy with that.” said James. “But at the end of the day, it is, its just a basketball game you know. And there’s so many things in life that happens that you can just put the game, you know, just put life in perspective … I don’t put too much added pressure on myself, because i know its just a game.”

But that does not mean he doesn’t know what’s at stake. Lebron plays the game to win Championships. And he’s no longer the same seven years ago when he and the Cavs lost four straight against the Spurs team in the 2007 NBA Finals.

“I’m a better player [now], and you can’t dare me to do anything I don’t want to do.” said James.

There is much to anticipate in this year’s finals. May legacies be validated.