Hero Police Dog Killed by Officers Firing Thousands of Bullets During Paris Attacks Raid

February 17, 2016 Updated: February 17, 2016

A police dog hailed as a “hero” was killed by officers during a terrorist raid in Paris in November 2015, an investigation has revealed.

As officers shot streams of bullets into the home where ISIS member—including Abdelhamid Abaaoud, alleged mastermind of the Paris terror attacks—were hiding out, the dog Diesel was sent into the home.

“Diesel was killed by Brennekes,” Jean-Michel Fauvergue, who commanded the raid, told the Daily Mirror.

The slugs are special forces ammunition production by a German company.

The forces fired up to 5,000 rounds that night, while the terrorists fired around 11 bullets back.

In addition to killing the dog, Abaaoud, and militant Chakib Akrouh, the officers also killed Abaaoud’s cousin and hit at least two neighbors.

The family of Abaaoud’s cousin has launched a lawsuit against the group RAID, which led the raid, while the neighbors are exploring legal options.

Diesel was due to retire after years of service before being killed.