Folk Singer to Go to Syria to Bring Peace to ISIS

By Daniel He
Daniel He
Daniel He
January 15, 2016 Updated: January 15, 2016

Musician and filmmaker James Twyman is planning to hold a peace concert in ISIS-controlled Syria. Known as the ‘Peace Troubador,’ Twyman believes he can pacify the terrorists with his musical-prayer concert.

The concert will be held on Jan. 31, in an Israel-occupied Syrian-Druze village known as Majdal Shams. Twyman will be joined by Muslim, Christian, and Jewish spiritual peace leaders as well as by millions in prayer around the world. 

“Performing the peace prayers in ISIS Controlled Syria will be the most important and dangerous peace mission of my life,” wrote the musician on his website. “People everywhere are concerned about the escalating violence in the Middle East, especially with the rise of ISIS, but they don’t feel empowered to be part of the solution. That is what we are about to change.”

Twyman has asked people around the world to join him for the ISIS prayer vigil on the day of the concert. 

“This wave of prayer will only be effective if it is supported by massive numbers of people,” states Twyman. “Scientific studies consistently show that large numbers of dedicated people focusing on a particular situation or event can directly influence that situation or event.”

Twyman will be travelling to Italy to get ready for the show before heading to Israel. Although the precise location is not confirmed,  the concert “will be overlooking several ISIL held villages praying and singing for peace, and especially for the children of Syria,” according to the musician’s Facebook page

Dispelling some of his followers’ worries, Twyman has said that he won’t be going to Syria without taking precautions.  

“People have this image of me walking into an ISIS village with a guitar on my back,” said Twyman, according to Fox News. “That won’t be the case. The purpose of this is to get tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people praying. It’s not about me being a superstar idiot in Syria. At this point, we’re not sure how far we will go, but if people there feel they can get me into an ISIS area safely, and then out safely, then we will do just that. … The idea is to sing, then get back to safety. We are hoping for something interesting, just not too interesting.”

If Twyman’s aides can’t get him and others to perform in an ISIS-occupied area, plan B would be to at least have the concert in an area “overlooking an ISIS-controlled area,” according to The Daily Beast.

This will not be the first time the singer has traveled to war-torn areas to hold vigils in hopes of miracles. In 1999, Twyman travelled to Iraq in the aftermath of the Gulf War to pray for the end of violence. 

“It is estimated that at least two million people joined James … focusing their prayers at the same moment air strikes were ordered to begin,” according to Twyman’s official website. “Miraculously, in the face of such overwhelming spiritual energy, the air strikes were abandoned.”


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Daniel He