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Failure to Go After DOJ for Illicit Spying on Kash Patel Highlights Fundamental Flaw in Durham Probe | Truth Over News

The old Romans had a saying: Who watches the watchmen? We’ve used the phrase for generations to question and challenge authority.

But now it looks like we will have to change the old saying to: Who watches the watchmen who watch the watchmen?

We’re talking about the recent disclosure that, when former House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes and his assistant Kash Patel uncovered massive Department of Justice abuses in the Russia probe, they suddenly found themselves the targets of a Department of Justice probe.

As shocking as this news was, what was even more shocking was that special counsel John Durham, who was supposed to uncover all these abuses, has done nothing of the sort, which is why in this episode we ask: Why didn’t Durham stick to his mandate—and where is Durham anyway?


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