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Facts Matter (Oct. 28): ‘Ample Scientific Data’ has 11 Lawmakers Introduce ‘Natural Immunity Is Real’ Act

In Kentucky, a high school principal—who also happens to be the mayor of the city—was photographed getting a lap dance from male students during a school event called the “man pageant.” And oddly enough, these photos weren’t somehow leaked. They were instead proudly posted on Facebook.

Meanwhile, as vaccine mandates are being rolled out across the country, 11 lawmakers have just introduced a new bill called the “Natural Immunity Is Real Act,” which will force the federal government to acknowledge natural immunity to COVID-19 and allow those with natural antibodies to opt-out from getting the shot.

In Louisiana, a mother of a 16-year-old boy is considering suing her school district, after a mobile vaccination van rolled through the school and vaccinated her son—without her permission.

Lastly, as record numbers of illegal immigrants are crossing the U.S. southern border, the Biden administration’s secretary of Homeland Security just issued a new memo—directing ICE to not arrest illegal aliens in multiple locations that he referred to as “protected areas.”


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