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Facts Matter (Aug. 19): CDC Director: ‘Concerning Evidence’ Shows Vaccine Efficacy ‘Waning’ Against Delta

According to a new announcement by Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the CDC, the effectiveness of vaccines has been declining—specifically, among people who received the shots early on.

After citing three new research studies, she and other federal government officials are now recommending that Americans receive a vaccine booster.

Meanwhile, a university in Connecticut is getting creative in trying to get their students vaccinated. They are now fining students up to $2,000 and blocking their internet access if they fail to get vaccinated.

However, these types of tactics are not being used only on college campuses.

On Tuesday, in New York City, a vaccine mandate went into effect. People must now show their vaccination card in order to eat at a restaurant, go to a gym, or take in a show.


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