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Facts Matter (Aug. 13): Election Materials Demanded from 2 Counties; Lawmaker Issues Official Subpoenas

A Wisconsin lawmaker issued official subpoenas to 2 different counties requesting that they turn over all ballots and election equipment to enable a “cyber-forensic” investigation.

A Pennsylvania state senator is likewise working to get official subpoenas issued for 3 counties that refused to comply with his earlier request.

Similarly, in Michigan, a county that requested to have its own audit was denied by the State’s Election Bureau. However, the director of the Bureau said that there was an alternative path.

The New York Supreme Court just ruled in favor of Project Veritas in their case against the New York Times. This means that staff members of the New York Times will now be deposed, under oath. We speak with James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, who explains the implications of the matter.


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