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Victor Davis Hanson: The Irony of Charging Trump With Election Interference | ATL:NOW

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"That’s the irony of the whole mess: They are prosecuting Donald Trump for election interference and they're interfering in a way that's never happened in American history. With the 2024 election, they're going after the leading candidate and trying to emasculate him or neuter him and affect the way that people have a choice. They have a choice whether to vote for him or not vote for him, but not if he's in jail. And that seems to be the aim.”
In this episode, I sit down with classist and military historian Victor Davis Hanson to get his take on the latest indictment against former President Donald Trump.
"Do you know any figure in American criminal history that was the subject of four simultaneous indictments, in four different jurisdictions, in four different states? I don't. No mafia figure. No mass murderer. So, it's a coordinated effort to destroy him," says Mr. Hanson.
He argues that charging President Trump on the basis of election interference is an attack on the First Amendment, and sets a dangerous precedent.
"Al Gore challenged the 2000 election after it had been basically certified ... 2004, Barbara Boxer: 32 Democrats tried to stop the certification of Ohio electors ... And then, of course, in 2016, we had Hollywood celebrities coordinated to go on television and beg the electors to renounce their constitutional duties and vote against the popular vote count in their particular state," says Mr. Hanson. "All of that, according to Jack Smith or Fani Willis, would be racketeering or conspiracy to deny the American people their actual vote or to try to disrupt the election process. And so, we're weaponizing every aspect of the First Amendment."