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Top Gun Wins Over Chinese Regime's 'Money Power'; Imagining War with the CCP—Feat. Elliot Ackerman

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Intimidating warplane “exercises” around Taiwan; saying that Australia could become its nuclear target; nearly ramming a U.S. warship; and now, flying dangerously close to Canadian Air Force jets—are these signals the Chinese regime is bracing to launch a real attack?
Elliot Ackerman is a decorated, former U.S. Marine Corps officer who served five tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He offers his insights into what would happen if the United States defended Taiwan from an invasion by the Chinese regime.
“Top Gun: Maverick,” and “Doctor Strange 2” are breaking box office records. On a battlefield of a different kind, they’re showing that resisting Chinese regime film censorship can be potentially more lucrative than submitting to it.
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