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The Global War on Farmers, and Push to 'Eat the Bugs' | Facts Matter

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There are currently MAJOR schemes being hatched behind-the-scenes that will affect you and YOUR FAMILY’S lives. These “Green Policies” at the international level (the UN, the EU, the World Economic Forum) are billed as necessary to “save the planet”—and are now starting to GO INTO EFFECT around the world … including right here in AMERICA. These policies sound beautiful on paper: save the planet, end hunger, and have gender equality. But in practice, they undermine our food security, and represent a true EXISTENTIAL risk to our liberties as FREE citizens.
We traveled the WORLD to figure out what’s behind the GLOBAL war on farmers, as well as the truth behind the push to get people to EAT THE BUGS. If you want to find out about the coming Global Food Crisis and what you can do about it, don’t miss this episode.