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Report: China Looks to Cuba for New Spying Outpost Targeting the US

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China is reportedly constructing an outpost in Cuba to spy on the southeastern United States.
FBI Director Christopher Wray dodged contempt charges Thursday. The House Oversight Committee canceled the hearing, and lawmakers talked about their next steps in the investigation into the Biden family.
The United States and the UK unveiled a new economic agreement and vowed to work together on Ukraine and artificial intelligence.
House committees hold the latest hearing on election confidence. A former chairman of the Federal Election Commission joins us to share what he considers are still some of the biggest issues with the current election system.
CNN Chairman and CEO Chris Licht was ousted after just a year with the company, and Tucker Carlson launches his new show. What's the future of the news industry?
A code purple air quality warning was issued for the Washington, D.C., area over the smog from Canadian wildfires. This level of air quality is considered hazardous.