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Chuck DeVore Exposes China's Political Subversion

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The Chinese government has programs focused on lobbying and subverting the U.S. political system, the main one being the United Front Work Department which typically operates from its consulates. To learn more about this we’ve invited to speak with us Chuck DeVore, who witnessed these tactics first-hand while serving in the California State Assembly until he termed out in 2010. He’s currently the vice president of national initiatives at the Texas Public Policy Foundation.
Meanwhile, vice President Mike Pence and Democrat Vice Presidential Nominee Kamala Harris held their first debate for the 2020 elections on October 7, and during a broadcast of the debate, China appeared to have censored Pence’s comments on China. Videos are now circulating of the cut broadcast, which displayed a “No Signal” error message while Pence was giving his comments, and cut back when Harris began speaking. Globe and Mail Beijing correspondent Nathan VanderKlippe commented on Twitter with the clip, stating “What it looks like when China censors a vice-presidential debate after a question about China is asked - and then lifts the blackout when conversation appears set to move on.”
And, leaked Chinese government documents expose how it steals advanced technology under the banner of research collaboration, and that also demonstrates how China-funded academics are used within the system. The 2016 document is from the Department of Education of China’s Jilin Province. The document is specifically about scientific exchange with U.S. universities and research facilities.
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