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Capitol Report (Dec. 3): Vice President Harris Will Lose 4 Staff Members by End of Year

The chief spokesperson for Vice President Kamala Harris has resigned from her position. Two weeks ago, Harris's communications director also resigned.
Omicron is starting to surface throughout the United States and the White House says there will be more, but what remains to be seen is just how dangerous this new variant might be.
The Supreme Court has heard arguments that will determine the trajectory of abortion throughout the nation. We speak to two female members of Congress to get their take.
President Joe Biden unveils his plan to combat the CCP (Chinese Communist Partyvirus this winter. At the heart of the program are vaccines, boosters, and testing.
Congresswoman Lisa McClain has introduced a bill to protect veterans' civil rights. She also weighs in on the landmark abortion case that was heard by the Supreme Court earlier in the week.
Members of Congress on Capitol Hill are working to teach young people the truth about communism. They tell us why they see this as a bigger threat now more than ever.
Biden tightens restrictions on travelers as Omicron cases start to pop up across the United States.
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