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Capitol Report (Aug. 26): Heavily Redacted Affidavit Unsealed; Peter Navarro on ‘Taking Back Trump’s America’

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A heavily redacted affidavit that led to the FBI's raid of former President Donald Trump's home was unsealed Friday. The Justice Department says the raid is justified based on what's in the affidavit.
Former adviser to Trump Peter Navarro has a new book, an inside glimpse of the inner workings of the presidency.
The Federal Reserve signals that it will continue restrictive policies in order to tame inflation. What does the chair say about potential rate hikes, and what could American families face?
Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg reveals why Facebook suppressed a story on Hunter Biden's laptop right before the 2020 election. This has got the attention of some members of Congress.
Immigration woes reach further than the chaos at the southwest border. A forgotten group of legal immigrants are forced to live in a constant state of uncertainty in the United States as they wait years for citizenship. How did this backlog get so bad? And how is illegal immigration compounding the issue?
Illegal immigrants are being bused to sanctuary cities, and those cities' Democratic mayors are pushing back. New York Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis weighs in.
A D.C. judge has ruled that the vaccine mandate for city government employees is unlawful. The suit against the city was brought by the D.C. police.
Moderna is suing Pfizer and BioNTech over alleged COVID-19 vaccine patent infringement. The company is saying its rivals are using its mRNA technology without permission.

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