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RFK Jr. on Vaccine Injuries, Proxy Wars, Gun Rights, Government Weaponization | Facts Matter

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Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to meet with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is currently running for president on the Democrat ticket. We discussed many of the topics that Americans are interested in: the Second Amendment, massive inflation, the flood of illegal immigrants at the southern border, the weaponization of the NSA, the FBI, and the CIA, how we could actually end the Ukraine–Russia war, and so so forth—it was a phenomenal discussion.
Despite an almost complete media blackout against him, Kennedy is doing quite well. According to the most recent CNN poll, around 20 percent of Democrat voters support Kennedy as a presidential candidate. In that same poll, an additional 44 percent said that they would consider supporting him. That is significant.
But what’s more significant is the pushback that he’s received from the establishment. For instance, if you happen to turn on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, or any of the other major networks, you might notice that they do not give Kennedy the time of day. Despite the fact that he’s polling at 20 percent, they pretend he doesn’t exist.
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