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Elites In Hollywood Pushed a Subversive Agenda—Interview With K. Lloyd Billingsley

The Chinese government places heavy restrictions on Hollywood filmmakers looking to get their movies into China, but for many in the industry, censorship is not seen as something new. Many look to history and point to the Hollywood Blacklist during the Cold War, and claim that the United States also had its own forms of film censorship. Yet, there are a few gaps in this story, and to fill in the missing parts in the commonly accepted narrative, we sat down for an interview with K. Lloyd Billingsley, a Policy Fellow at Independent Institute; and author of several books including “Hollywood Party” for which he collected exclusive documents from the Soviet Union and within the United States on the story behind the Hollywood Blacklist.

We’re being heavily censored by Big Tech. Our solution? Create our own independent platform free of censorship.

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