Doorbell Video Shows Deer Leaping Over Family’s Dog

January 24, 2019 Updated: January 24, 2019

Surveillance footage from a home in Kansas captured a deer leaping over the family’s dog.

The video, captured by a Ring doorbell camera, shows the deer vault cleanly over the canine and then walk onto the house’s front porch.

Because the porch is set back, the deer appears to be trapped in the area by the dog and pauses while seeming to consider its next move.

The dog doesn’t make a move, so the deer then rushes past the canine and disappears.

According to Fox 13, the footage was captured in Olathe, Kansas.

Hunter Caught After Illegally Shooting Deer Blames His Wife: Report

A hunter in Michigan who was caught after illegally killing a deer told a conservation officer that his wife would get angry at him if he didn’t return home with deer meat.

The Cadillac Evening News reported that Josiah Killingbeck, the conservation officer, approached the suspect after getting a tip that a hunter allegedly shot a deer near Baldwin in Lake County. There are currently county restrictions on deer hunting.

The suspect denied killing the deer, but Killingbeck told the Evening News that he could see deer tags in the suspect’s wallet and spotted drag marks and blood near a deer bait pile.

His wife wanted venison, the man claimed.

Cadillac News 发布于 2019年1月3日周四

The suspect was also informed that a witness had seen him shoot the deer. The unnamed man then “hung his head and admitted to shooting a spike horn knowing it was illegal and not tagging it,” Killingbeck said.

“The honest-to-God truth is that my wife wants deer meat and if I come home without any she’ll get really mad at me,” the hunter was quoted as saying by the conservation officer.

Killingbeck also asked if the suspect was done lying and the man told him: “No, I’m not.”

London stag in park
A deer stands among the bracken as a jogger runs past on Richmond Park, London on Dec. 28, 2017 Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

Police Track Down Man in Bizarre Doorbell Licking Security Video

The man caught on video licking a doorbell as he loitered on a family porch in the middle of the night in California has been tracked down by police, but has not been arrested.

The owners of the house in Salinas, California, were away during the incident on Jan. 4. Alerted by an automated security system, they later unearthed security footage of the man as he drifted in and out of shot on their porch for three hours, at one point licking the intercom as he stared at the camera, as their adult children slept inside.

Salinas Police Department later identified the man featured in the video as Roberto Daniel Arroyo, 33, a homeless man who was already on probation, according to local reports.

Arroyo is unlikely to face charges for the doorbell licking itself—reported by some outlets as lasting three hours—but may be charged with two misdemeanors: prowling and petty theft.

“This weirdo showed up at our front porch last night about 2 a.m.,” the homeowners wrote in a public post accompanying the video, posted to, the website of the company that hosts their security alert system.

“He continued taunting our household until 5:00 am,” they wrote. “This individual is quite disturbing. In other videos, it is hard to see if he was peeing or doing some other perverted stuff.” 

Some news reports appear to have confused the total length of time Arroyo spent coming and going on the porch—three hours—with the actual length of time he spent licking the button.

Epoch Times reporters Jack Phillips and Simon Veazey contributed to this report.

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