Dog Tries to Wake Its Dead Friend on Busy Road for 30 Minutes, Then Someone Comes

July 1, 2019 Updated: July 6, 2019

While dogs are famous for their loyalty to their owners, even going as far as to rescue them when they are in danger, they show the same care for any members of their “pack” no matter what species they are.

A story from Quzhou City in Zhenjiang Province in China a couple of years ago illustrated just how far these amazing animals will go to keep together.

A booming economy with a huge population makes Chinese traffic especially intense (Illustration – Shutterstock | evgenii mitroshin)

The incident took place in the middle of a busy road in Quzhou, which has a population of over 2.5 million. With busy traffic comprising cars, trucks, motorbikes, bicycles, and pedestrians, the roads can be dangerous.

It seems that two dogs that belonged to the same owner may have been trying to cross the road when one of them, a brown husky, was hit and fatally injured. A clip posted online by Pear Video, one of China’s leading video platforms, shows a scene of tragedy and devotion.

In the middle of the street, the camera captures the immobile corpse of the brown husky. Its pack mate, a white-colored husky, tries desperately to revive its friend by licking the other dog and picking it up with its mouth. The white husky is clearly very upset and understands the danger of staying in the middle of the road, where cars continue to drive by.

While it appears that police have placed a caution sign behind the injured dog to warn oncoming drivers, no one seems to be making an effort to remove the dogs from the street.

According to the Daily Mail, the poor white husky spent nearly half an hour with its fallen friend, continually trying to wake it up and get out of harm’s way. Perhaps most touching of all is the way the white dog barks to call for help and refuses to move from the spot, even though it must know that its friend is no more.

Finally, a woman dressed in black appears at the scene and steps out into the road to help pull the hurt dog over to the sidewalk. When police ask her who she is, she claims to be the owner. She manages to pick the dog up and is assisted by another bystander, while the police simply watch her remove the dog from the street. Clearly upset, the owner stays with the wounded dog and calls for help.

This inspiring devotion even after death has been seen before when earlier this spring, a dog in Washington state named Daisy stayed by her owner’s side for over 24 hours. He had fallen while hiking and sustained fatal injuries. Daisy stayed right by his side the whole time until finally a search party from the Sheriff’s Department found the owner’s car. When they started walking up a ledge, they heard Daisy barking, drawing their attention.

Because of the dog’s bravery, the owner’s body was found and he was able to be given a proper burial. Even once officers were on the scene, Daisy wanted to stay with him at all costs, resisting officers’ attempts to separate her from her pack leader.

Both of these stories show that when dogs make a bond with another creature, it’s for life. Their loyalty should inspire us to think about what it really means to be faithful to our friends.