‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ In Pursuit of Man Who Threatened President Trump

Says He is Hopeful the Man Will Surrender
By Alan Cheung
Alan Cheung
Alan Cheung
September 21, 2018 Updated: September 21, 2018

‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ is joining Federal law enforcement in the manhunt for Shawn Richard Christy, a man who allegedly threatened to “put a bullet” in President Donald Trump’s head in a Facebook post that has since been taken down.

Duane Chapman, a.k.a ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter,’ said that he has a “very hot lead.”

On Sept. 19, Chapman told the Mansfield News Journal that Christy has been retained by a family friend who Chapman cannot identify publicly.

Shawn Richard Christy mugshot and tattoo
(L) Shawn Richard Christy mugshot and photo of tattoo on his right arm. (Federal Bureau of Investigation)

He believes that 26-year-old Christy isn’t someone who makes his living as a criminal, saying that he was holding hope that he can persuade Christy to surrender.

“I have delivered messages to him,” Chapman told the Journal. “My goal is not to shoot him but get him to surrender.”

The 65-year-old often pursues criminals on America’s Most Wanted.

Last year, he was heading to Idaho when he heard about a guy that shot a preacher in the back in the area he was traveling through.

Chapman believes it wasn’t just a coincidence.

“Miracles happen everyday in my life,” he said. “It’s a God thing.”

Fugitive on the Run

The manhunt for Christy began on Jun. 19 when he allegedly threatened John M. Morganelli, district attorney of Northampton County P.A. and President Trump in a Facebook post, New York Times reported.

According to authorities, Christy wrote “Keep it up Morganelli, I promise I’ll put a bullet in your head as soon as I put one in the head of President Donald J. Trump.”

A federal warrant was issued for Christy’s arrest just after the Facebook post was made.

On Sept. 16, authorities found a stolen truck abandoned in Mansfield, Ohio, that they believe Christy was driving, New York Times reported.

Although he has only come into the public spotlight in recent times, Christy was already a wanted man. State warrants had been issued for his arrest after he avoided court for an aggravated assault trial.

Robert Clark, one of the lead investigators, said that trying to catch Christy has been difficult. This could be due to Christy’s claim of being a self-described survivalist.

So far, Christy has evaded law enforcement by living in the wilderness, stealing supplies and at least six vehicles, which he drives until they run out of fuel, Clark said.

Christy, from Pennsylvania, has traveled to Kentucky, Maryland, New York, and West Virginia, even going further north towards Canada, said Clark.

“[T]here’s certainly potential for a confrontational conclusion, which is what we do not want. We’re just hoping that this investigation can come to a safe conclusion,” Clark said.

The FBI is offering $10,000 for information leading to Christy’s arrest. They also noted that the United States Marshals Service has additional rewards.

According to the U.S. Marshals Service website, they are offering $20,000 for information leading to Christy’s arrest, but it is not known whether it includes the $10,000 that the FBI is offering.


Alan Cheung