Dog Rescues Abandoned Kitten on a Rainy Day and Brings Her Back Home

March 23, 2020 Updated: March 23, 2020

While we often have watched in movies or stereotyped the fact that dogs and cats don’t get along and might seem uncomfortable in each other’s company, this story of a Yorkie rescuing a timid stray kitten on a rainy day in Abilene, Texas, might make you think differently.

One day in September 2019, Monica Burks’s 3-year-old dog, Hazel, went outside to take a restroom break.

However, when Hazel didn’t return after a while, Burks started to wonder what had happened. She then peeked outside into the driveway and saw the strangest sight. The Yorkie-Chihuahua-poodle mix was herding a little kitten toward the house. Burks managed to capture this heartwarming moment on video, sharing it on the internet and touching thousands of hearts.

Sweet yorkie saves kitten!

Опубликовано Bowie Citizens for Local Animal Welfare (CLAW) Воскресенье, 5 января 2020 г.

Given that it was a wet day, Burks didn’t think that her dog would spend too long outside. But while Hazel was outside, she had picked up the sound of the kitten’s faint cry underneath a shed. While there was no sign of any other felines in the neighborhood, Hazel took it upon herself to help the lonely kitten.

Hazel tried to escort the kitten back to her house. Each time the nervous kitten stopped and hesitated to take a step, Hazel would turn around and make sure the kitten was following her.

With plenty of patience and coaxing from Hazel, the kitten was led down the driveway, past Burks’s car, and into their house. Now with Burks encouraging both of them, they made their way to the welcome mat and the front door.

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Illustration – Shutterstock | Olha Solodenko

While Hazel managed to hop up over the threshold without any problem, the kitten couldn’t. The kitten did try jumping, only to fall back.

That’s when Hazel picked the tyke up by the scruff of her neck and carried her in, just as her mother would have. Burks meanwhile made sure that Hazel didn’t bite down too hard, saying “be gentle, Hazel, be gentle.”

Once inside the house, Hazel gave the little kitten a good lick to help clean it off. According to the video description, Burks then named the stray kitten Sheba and gave it to her brother Michael.

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Illustration – Shutterstock | Fototaras

However, Hazel isn’t the first dog to take some kittens as her own. A flight instructor in Maryland named Victoria was heading to her job on a rainy day, taking her senior dog Turbo with her, when she came across a kitten. Her dog Turbo found two more little kittens in the bushes.

After being dried up and taken to the vet, the kittens got a new nanny in the form of Turbo. Thankfully, Turbo is a therapy dog and knows how to be calm and help others. “They love him and think he’s their dad and always run towards him when he comes in and rub up on him,” Victoria told Love Meow.

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