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Congress Distributes ‘Made in China’ Masks

A Chinese spy and a British premier minister were seen together at whispering distance. Photos are now driving backlash over just how much the Chinese Communist Party’s influence is cozying up to the West.

The infamous phrase “Made in China” has been found on medical masks distributed by Congress in Washington. This find is sparking concerns among U.S. lawmakers—specifically on risks linked to supply chains.

China says its economy saw the best growth in a decade last year. But is the figure reliable? And what’s in store for the coming months?

The Beijing Olympics boycott grows. Two more countries announce they’ll skip the event, citing various reasons.

The abuse methods used on Uyghur Muslims were perfected through the persecution of a Chinese spiritual practice, says an award-winning movie director. His new film aims to expose the realities of China’s human rights violations.

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