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Clueless Politicians

Those who are hesitant to vaccinate are no longer listening. Politicians, doctors, and the mainstream media have made the COVID fix unfixable.

The entities I named above are no longer trustworthy—the CDC for its confusing messaging, the media for their bias, and the politicians for their power grab. Even those who are vaccinated feel they’ve been misled. Once trust is lost, it’s difficult to re-establish.

When you have to resort to rewards, celebrity endorsements, and fear to get someone to be vaccinated, you have no chance of convincing people. The more I see of that stuff, the more I wonder if I made a mistake. If they simply presented the data in a transparent, concise manner, people would respond better. The decision to get vaccinated is a risk/reward decision. The younger you are, the less risk you have from the virus, so the decision probably shouldn’t be the same for all ages. When they don’t acknowledge that, people quit listening.

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