Chinese Impacted by Disasters Get $1.50; Yangtze River Level Could Submerge First Story of Buildings

July 14, 2020 Updated: July 14, 2020

Waters on the Yangtze River reached 95 feet, making the water levels the fourth highest in known history, according to data released by the Yangtze River Hydrology Network. The average ground elevation of Wuhan City is around 79 feet, which means the water level in parts of the city could be about the height to submerge the first floor of a building.

Disaster relief in China is very minimal, raising concerns over the wellbeing of the 37 million people in 27 provinces who are known to have been affected. For its aid program, Chinese authorities are giving less than 10 renminbao, or less than $1.50, per person. This is taking place, as many people have lost their homes, their farms, and other possessions; and are struggling for food. And it takes place while authorities are claiming its market is booming and is drawing in large amounts of foreign investment.

A Retired Indian Colonel published satellite images on July 10 that are now making rounds, which appear to show the government opened all floodgates on the dam. He wrote on Twitter, “Why did China open the floodgates of Three Gorges Dam prematurely.” He notes the opening was before authorities issued a warning, before the Yangtze was flooded on July 2, and noted the move may have flooded Wuhan just before an inspection by a representative from the World Health Organization.

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