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Chinese Companies Eye US Green Energy Subsidies

A Chinese-owned battery plant in Michigan is eligible for U.S. subsidies? The money is supposed to boost domestic clean energy manufacturing and reduce U.S. dependence on China, especially for solar panels and electric car batteries. So why are these Chinese companies reaping benefits from American taxpayer funds? We dive in for an explanation.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Chinese Companies Eye U.S. Green Energy Subsidies
  2. Victim of NYC Chinese Police Station Speaks Out
  3. Congress Stages Taiwan War Game
  4. 38.8% of Taiwan’s Exports Sent to China 2022
  5. U.S. Seeks Constructive Ties to China: Yellen
  6. Apple Opens Second Store in India
  7. There’s No Private Sector in China: Rep. Moolenaar

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