Chinese Communist Party Admits Destroying Virus Samples

May 20, 2020 Updated: May 20, 2020

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After intense international pressure, the Chinese Communist Party has admitted to destroying samples of the CCP virus. They say it was for safety reasons. However, questions are being asked if the real motivation was to prevent investigations into the origin of the virus.

00:30 — Chinese Communist Party Admits Destroying Virus Samples

06:07 — Trump accuses the CCP of exploiting international organizations for profit

08:15 — U.S. Federal Agency Denies Chinese Company Approval to Sell Masks

09:47 — Wuhan Widow Who Lost Husband to Virus, Now Suffers Financial Burden

14:01 — 62 Nations Call for Investigations into CCP Virus Origins
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16:53 — Charts: CCP Virus Numbers

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