China insider: New Coronavirus Cases Emerge in Shanghai, Official Figures Questionable

October 31, 2020 Updated: October 31, 2020

Pompeo Condemns CCP for Religious Persecution on Indonesia Trip

State Mike Pompeo is on the fourth leg of his Asia tour. He arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia, on the evening of 28th, and held a bilateral meeting with the Indonesian Defense Minister the next day.  Pompeo praised Indonesia for its defense against the CCP’s encroachments on its territorial waters, and in an afternoon meeting, he again condemned the CCP’s persecution of Muslims, Christians, and Falun Gong practitioners.

New Coronavirus Cases Emerge in Shanghai

Shanghai authorities recently reported a new case of the CCP virus. The patient was a resident who just returned to China from abroad, and was diagnosed during the routine self-quarantine at home as a returnee.

Since Chinese authorities always cover up the real scope of the coronavirus outbreak, Chinese people have to rely on informal channels to find out what is going on. Some locals shared information on social media that four other people near Huamu Street in Shanghai’s Pudong District also contracted the virus after coming into contact with the patient. Shanghai authorities denied the hearsay, but pandemic control measures in the area were drastically tightened. Shanghai residents believe the officials are concealing the real situation again.