China In Focus (Aug. 4): Intense Lightning Strikes Residential High-Rise

August 4, 2020 Updated: August 5, 2020

A building was hit by a lightning bolt. A flash of what looked to be fire and sparks shot down the side of the building and struck the ground.

Typhoon Hagupit brought heavy rains and strong winds to China’s eastern coastal areas, causing big waves and floods.

In Hong Kong, Chinese soldiers sang “Anyone who dares to make waves, we will destroy him on the spot,” to celebrate Army Day.

News of a Chinese woman in Japan going back to China for a heart transplant has attracted media attention in both countries. That’s because the Chinese hospital found three different hearts for her in a mere ten days.

And Microsoft is in talks to buy part of TikTok. But an expert questions if the app will be any safer under the new ownership.

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